Fixtures and Tooling 

Metalicone services the jet engine turbine blades manufacturing industry in the production of forging dies, punches, die sets, trimming dies, jigs, encapsulation fixtures, gauges, and other tooling used in manufacturing processes. Metalicone ensures superior precision parts produced from a wide spectrum of materials that range from 55 RC hardness and up to 72 RC nitrated steel, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and other specialty alloys.


fixtures & tooling


Sub-System Assemblies
Metalicone utilizes its advanced logistical capabilities and unsurpassed expertise
to supply precision mechanical sub-systems, based on self-made precision parts
and procured components, in the areas of commercial printing, semiconductors
and machine tools. Metalicone’s extensive experience in the production of complex
sub-assemblies includes items with more than 300 components.


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