Metalicone Profile


Within the last two decades, Metalicone has perfected the art of precision down to a single micron (0.001 mm) and established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, machined metal parts and assemblies. Metalicone serves a range of end markets, including machine tools, commercial printing, aerospace, tooling fixtures and dies, semiconductor (manufacturing and quality control equipment) and others. In these complex industries where no room for error exists, customers place their trust in Metalicone due to the company’s wealth of knowledge, proven reliability, and utmost precision in all of their products. A team of 170 employees is based in a 6,300 square meter plant in Israel and in a 1,200 square meter plant in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, operated by its subsidiary Metalicone GmbH.

due to its superior and absolute quality standards Metalicone was awarded with several national prizes such as “5 star excellence award” and the prestige “Rabin award for Quality & Excellence”


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